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If you’re looking for a whip-smart pup with a great sense of humor, the Poodle may be right for you! Known for their wit and silliness, Poodles have a lot to offer. While their intellect makes them great show dogs, their surprisingly playful nature makes them fun for the whole family.

There are three recognized sizes of Poodles: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Toy Poodles stand less than ten in. tall, the Miniature Poodle is only slightly taller than the Toy, ranging from 11-15 in., and the Standard Poodle is 15 to 25 inches tall.

The Poodle provides endless laughs, love, and adventure with a long life expectancy and unwavering loyalty. You never need to worry if your new pet will be able to keep up with you at the lake or on the hiking trails; they love a challenge. If you are willing to put in the time to exercise your Poodle both physically and mentally frequently, you will form a strong bond with a bright furry friend.

History of Poodle's Puppies for Sale

Believed to have originated in Germany, the Poodle was once known as Pudel, German for “a splash in the water.” A cross between several European water dogs, it Is no surprise that these athletic dogs were once waterfowl retrievers. Their famous continental cut once served a functional purpose; as the Poodle frequently jumped into cold waters to retrieve the hunter’s kill, it was important that their hair would not weigh them down yet keep them warm. This fancy pup was an excellent hunter; it is no wonder they are so active and intelligent to this day!

 Over time, the Poodle’s elegant look captured the attention of French noblemen - a far cry from the marshy hunting grounds. Their popularity soared across Europe, not exclusively due to their lovely appearance. The Poodle’s natural intelligence allowed them to be easily trained for circuses and dog shows worldwide. To this day, Poodles continue to succeed in agility training, sheep herding, and several other athletic quests, proving time and time again that they are more than just a pretty face!

Poodle Puppies for Sale Temperment

The friendly and playful Poodle has more than enough energy to go around! Active children will delight that Poodles enjoy rough and tumble play despite their delicate appearance! They are highly intelligent dogs that enjoy physical and mental stimulation, leading them to be fantastic show dogs if given the opportunity. Poodles are very bright and will learn tricks and rules quickly.

Once you welcome your Poodle into your home, they will bond with your family quickly. Fiercely loyal, your pup may become overprotective when in the presence of strangers. These dogs benefit from socialization training early in their life to prevent unwanted barking in the home later down the line.

These precious pups will do just about anything for a bit of love, so it is essential to show your Poodle love and affection daily. If your furry friend feels ignored or lonely, do not be surprised if they turn to more rambunctious behavior to get your attention.

While each dog has its unique personality, some characteristics specific to the various Poodle sizes, miniature and Toy Poodles, for example, tend to be more mischievous than the Standard Poodle, which is very energetic but relatively reserved. That being said, each Poodle has their quirks which their new families will learn.

Where will the Poodle Dog to buy feel best?

Depending on the size of your Poodle, they may or may not do well in an apartment setting. Toy Poodles will have no problem living in an apartment, but in general, Poodles typically need a larger area and access to a backyard for them to let their energy out!

These lively and active pups love playing with their owners as much as possible, so they are not recommended for individuals with busy schedules or the elderly. It is not likely the Poodle will get all the attention they need. Poodles do well with families with children and even with other pets in the home as long as they have been properly socialized from an early age. Although Poodles are social, they are prone to over-stimulation and may even struggle with bouts of anxiety. If you notice your pup is feeling a little skittish, make sure there is a quiet place where they can retreat and recharge.

Grooming an Poodle Dog for sale

Thanks to the Poodle’s hypoallergenic nature, the shedding will not be a problem in your home. However, it’s essential to properly care for your Poodle’s fur as it can be prone to matting if not brushed regularly. Most owners choose to keep their Poodle’s coats trimmed short to prevent such issues from arising or even opt to shave off their pet’s fur entirely. Poodle’s need regular grooming, so if not able to do it yourself, you should consider grooming costs when taking home a Poodle puppy.

Aside from their haircare, Poodles’ ears and teeth should be checked frequently as well. Every week or so, examine your pet’s ears, keeping a close eye out for any dirt buildup, redness, or foul odor, which can signal an infection. Gently wipe their ears with a cotton ball dampened with a dog-friendly ear cleanser to remove dirt. Poodles’ teeth should be brushed 1-3 times a week, or ideally every day, to prevent excessive tartar buildup and gum disease. If there appears to be a sudden change in your dog’s ears or teeth, take them to their vet for a checkup.

Exercising an Poodle Dog to Buy

The Standard Poodle has more energy than the Toy and Miniature and dramatically enjoys hiking, swimming, and jogging. Ideally, Poodles would get about an hour of exercise a day. At the very least, Poodles should have daily walks with their owner as well as puzzle-like games to stimulate their mind.

Nutrition for an Poodle Dog to Purchase

Depending on your Poodle’s size, their daily food intake will vary; Toy Poodles should eat ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food a day, Miniature Poodles should have ¾ to 1 cup a day, and the Standard Poodle should be given 1 ½ to 2 cups a day. Regardless of their size, meals should be divided into two meals.

Like people, dogs can have significant differences in their requirements and may require more or less than the average serving size. As long as your pup is healthy and in good shape, it’s okay to adjust their food intake accordingly.

While many owners give their dogs scraps of human food, it should be noted that doing so with Poodles may result in a picky eater. Once your pup gets a taste of something better, they will not want to return to their kibble! Instead, provide your furry friend with a healthy dog treat on special occasions.

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