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How can getting a puppy for sale in Tampa make your day better?

Someone said that dogs make perfect companions for humans and our cute loyal friends don’t disappoint us. You can always count on dogs to be there for you when you need company or are having an especially tough day. Your friends and family might be busy, but your dog will be the one who will make it all seem worthwhile. Just imagine coming home, being in a bad mood, and then seeing those puppy eyes looking lovingly at you. If you come home upset, is there anyone else that you would ever allow to lick your face till you giggle and smile and feel better? Probably not.

That is the feeling which cannot be compared with many things. Getting a new puppy will be good for any member of your household, as they will bring a lot of happiness and positivity wherever they go and with whomever they spend their time with. Buying a new, cute puppy will fill you with thoughts of all the adventures and trips that you will go through together.

Getting a puppy will also teach you to be tolerant, give you discipline, and improve your cardiovascular system and promote mental health. Many people love their dogs more than their best friends or even their own family.

When I get home after I buy a dog in Tampa what is the most critical time period for my new puppy?

The first 48 hours after you get a puppy for sale in Tampa are especially critical. Many new puppy owners will be urged to hold or let the puppy around excessively. Don’t do it! If you let it run around or excessively hold the puppy. Also, holding the puppy increases the chances of it dropping and suffering severe injuries such as a broken femur or a fractured leg which will be very painful for the puppy and give you a large surgery bill.

Never let any children under eighteen hold a puppy in their hands standing up; they should be only on the floor.

After I look for puppies for sale in Tampa and bring my new dog home, why are the first two weeks so important?

When you find a dog in Tampa, the first two weeks are usually the adjustment period. When getting a puppy in Tampa and it is brought home for the first time, it is in the most stressful period for your puppy’s life as it enters a new environment and leaves a familiar environment.

When you get a dog in Tampa, it needs an appropriately sized single confined space (such as a playpen or crate) in a designated room during the adjustment and house-training period. When you cannot supervise and interact with the puppy, it must remain in its designated confined, quiet, clean space and be always provided with access to clean water.

Please avoid bringing the puppy into contact with other pets during the adjustment period because it will overstress your new puppy. If other pets are in the home, do not let other puppies contact the new puppy for the first 14 days. After that, contact us to increase for successful integration gradually and slowly. Do not bring the puppy to parks, beaches, etc…… during the adjustment period. Do not disturb the puppy while sleeping, napping, or resting. Excessive, continuous interaction/play prevents the puppy from resting/napping and will weaken its immune system, making it more susceptible to any infections or intestinal parasites it may have met. Furthermore, dogs for sale in Tampa can easily get exhausted, which can trigger spikes in blood sugar.

When I adopt a puppy in Tampa, what are some simple rules I should follow to make sure it will stay happy and healthy?

When you buy a dog in Tampa, there are a few simple rules that must be followed to ensure the puppy stays healthy and happy and that you will not void the pet dealer’s warranty. The first item is to ensure you keep the puppy inside the house for at least two weeks.

A puppy’s immune system is still not fully developed, so keeping it inside will separate harmful viruses and bacteria from your puppy until it can get its next booster shot. If you must take it out immediately to start housebreaking, then take it only on the concrete floor, walking for the minimum necessary time, and take it back home. Never let a new puppy run around in a park right after it comes home; you risk it catching harmful viruses and bacteria which can seriously threaten its health. In addition, you should closely monitor the puppy’s eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping for any changes in the first two weeks and follow up promptly with your vet if needed. Your pet dealer will have notification requirements in their contract, so please be sure you understand and ask many questions.

After I find a puppy for sale in Tampa, why should I register my puppy’s Microchip in my name?

Once you get a dog in Tampa, you will want to register the Microchip in your name in case your new friend gets lost; others can scan the puppy’s Microchip and look up the number online and see your contact information to advise you that they found it. One item to be aware of when it comes to microchips, they will shift with time. So, when you go to the annual vet visit, ensure your vet verifies that the Microchip is still there.

When I buy a puppy in Tampa, what is the best way to migrate it to new dog food?

After getting a puppy in Tampa, you may want to change the food. That is fine, but you must do it slowly so you don’t cause puppy diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. You want to mix 3/4 of the old food and one order of the new food and let the puppy eat it for the next 2 to 3 days. If everything goes well and the puppy has no irritation or negative reaction to the new mix, you can give it half of the old and have it with you for the next 2 to 3 days. If that goes well, give 3/4 of the new and 1/4 of the old, and if that is fine, you can put it permanently on your new food. If you are migrating a very small dog to a new food, you also must be on guard for loss of appetite.

Will dogs for sale in Tampa have different feeding requirements, and what are some good sizing guidelines as far as quantity of food I should give based on weights of the puppy?

First, puppies need to be given individual attention to their diet daily; you must monitor new puppies every few hours to ensure they eat during the first few weeks. We suggest you provide daily dry kibble if your puppy currently weights:

  • If the puppy is OVER 10 LBs, give three evenly spaced meals, 1 Cup for EACH MEAL
  • If the puppy is between 5-10 LBs, give three evenly spaced meals, 1/2 Cup for EACH MEAL
  • If the puppy is UNDER 5 LBs, give four evenly spaced meals, 1/4 Cup for EACH MEAL.

For SMALL Puppies, it is highly recommended at the start, end of the day, and halfway in between meals (3 hours after a meal) to give one small pea-sized drop of a high-calorie nutritional gel/paste. The puppy can lick the drop directly from a finger or spoon. Leave extra food during the last meal of the day for the night.

If the puppy does not want to eat the dry kibble, mix in 2 Tablespoons of wet canned puppy food with the kibble for each meal. In addition, you can try to put some water on the kibbles and microwave it to release odors that will give the puppy more appetite. Should your pet not want to eat, you must slowly spoon or syringe feed it gently. Please discuss feeding at the first vet visit. As your puppy gets older and more significant, the quantities will change by the guidelines established by the food manufacturer. Please, No human food, ever! It can poison the puppy and cause serious health problems and/or death. Avoid giving the puppy liquid milk/foods; it can cause an upset stomach.

When you are looking for puppies for sale in Tampa, why is it important to always make sure you receive an official certificate of veterinary inspection? Also, what should I be looking for in the official certificate of veterinary health?

A dog’s health certificate is your insurance policy that the puppy you are getting has been cleared by a veterinarian and is fit for sale before purchase. The veterinarian owns this instrument, even though it is given to you through the store. The store or breeder does not sign off on the document; the veterinarian’s license is on the line when the document is issued. In the veterinary health certificate, you will see the date the puppy was inspected at the bottom of the document and the dates of administration of the vaccines and prophylactics. Another important point about the health certificate is that you will see any observations or additional disclosures regarding the puppy in the comments section. Note that there are many ways to buy a puppy in Tampa. Still, you should be especially careful about getting a dog in Tampa from individuals operating out of their homes or meeting them at random locations. You will likely not get a proper health certificate or, more likely, not even get a health certificate with the puppy. This is illegal in all states. Without the insurance of having a vet sign off on the health of the puppy, you’re exposing yourself to getting a puppy in Tampa with problems. As time passes, the puppy will need follow-up booster shots to increase the puppy’s immunity to common canine viruses. Another mistake that some people make after purchasing a puppy in Tampa is thinking that the store shots given at the time of purchase are the only ones needed. A vet will explain to you the additional vaccines that a puppy needs after taking it home, so be sure to visit your medical professional on a timely basis so they can review that.

Why would I want to look for puppies for sale in Tampa from Blue Sky Puppies?

You will want to get a puppy from a store that works with the best breeders in the industry. At Blue Sky Puppies, our breeder’s home raises all their puppies, in the cleanest environment, with all the tender loving care that a parent would give their own kids. When the puppy is born, our breeders ensure that mama nourishes her new babies. Our breeders care for mom and her babies with ongoing vet visits, vaccinations, and deworming, with wholesome and nourishing food. Everyone helps around the house, and when the puppy is ready to get to our store, only the most skilled transportation company can bring them to us via the direct route. Once the puppy is in our store, we continue to give it all the tender loving care that our dear breeders have given, ensuring all prophylactic deworming, vaccines, and vet care is attended to before the puppy is made available for sale. Once the vet inspects the puppy and it is found to be fit for sale, then we will allow the public to come and play with our puppies in our high-tech, modern store that features a large play area where you and your family can enjoy the interactions with the puppy without pushy salespeople clamoring over your shoulder. Our stores do not believe in commissioned salespeople for a reason. We think you should be free to interact with your new loved one without being pressured to take a puppy home. This is the Blue-Sky Puppies difference when you look for dogs for sale in Tampa.

After I find a puppy for sale, should I sign up for pet Insurance?

You must break down the benefits and costs against your situation like any insurance product. Some pet insurance products tout low fees but have exclusions for many conditions and have monetary caps on what they pay out. Remember, the insurance company is in business to make money, just like your home or auto insurance company. If insurance companies would generally pay out more in claims than they bring in, they would go out of business! If your puppy is healthy, it would be better to put away a fixed yearly amount into an emergency reserve to cover different situations. In most cases, the amount that you will put into premiums will be less than you would pay in case of an emergency with your puppy. So, we advise maintaining your pet with the ongoing recommended vet maintenance as the best defense against unexpected vet bills.

I don’t have the money to find a puppy for sale in Tampa; what should I do?

Many people don’t realize that it is possible to finance getting a dog in Tampa. The nice thing about these loans is that they are not secured, meaning nobody is going to come knocking on your door to take back the puppy if you default on your loan, but it will affect your credit if you don’t pay your bills. Like with any loan, there are different financing products for other credit profiles. Individuals that don’t have the bandwidth on their credit card or cash to purchase a puppy outright can get puppy financing loans. The store does not underwrite the loans that stores make available; they are simply made available to the consumer as a link to the finance company’s website for them to apply directly. Interest rates and terms vary, again like any consumer finance product, there are many options to pay off the loan, and sometimes you can borrow up to a few thousand dollars, and if the loan is paid off within a certain period, minus a small reasonable administrative fee, you can pay off the loan with interest charged rebated to you. You must read the details, and in no way are we advocating any finance product over the next, nor are we making available any product through our store; this information is meant to generally educate you so you can ask many more questions before you sign.

My neighbor knows someone that has a friend that wants me to buy a puppy in Tampa, should I do it?

There are many reasons not to buy a dog from random people. Usually, private individuals selling directly to the public do not accept credit cards, and obtaining reimbursements for warranty concerns will be challenging. When you look for puppies for sale in Tampa and come to Blue Sky Puppies, your purchase will be backed by our limited one-year genetic warranty and two-week viral and bacterial warranty, subject to the Florida Pet Lemon Law. Our store has helped many families build loving homes for the puppies for sale in Tampa that we sell, and you can be assured that we accept credit cards, so you feel secure in your purchase.