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Why would you want to get a puppy from Blue Sky Puppies?

Blue Sky Puppies is a special place to buy a puppy because we have beautiful clean showrooms and play pens, where you can interact with the puppy personally before you buy a puppy. Our large five feet by five feet play pens will allow the whole family to huddle around our puppies for sale in a safe and interactive manner. Simply climb into our custom designed playpens to find a dog that suits your gang. All of our showrooms have custom ventilation systems to keep our spaces super clean, smelling great and you can hang out for as long as you like. This is to ensure that before you adopt a puppy, you can be certain that your little fur baby is perfect for you and your loved ones. We deliberately make our store very comfortable and supportive of your search to adopt a puppy. Bring a friend that may also want to get a dog and help support you in the process of getting a puppy. In addition, all of our showrooms are staffed by experienced puppy counselors that will help you find a puppy and get a puppy that meets all of your expectations. Our showroom puppy counselors are trained to drill down into the specifics of your situation so no matter what puppy breed would be best for you, the puppy counselors will present to you one or more of the many dozens of breeds of puppies we have.

What sets Blue Sky Puppies apart from other showrooms and puppy stores when you want to buy a puppy?

There are many, many reasons why Blue Sky Puppies is a very special place to find a puppy of your dreams. When you walk in through the door, expect to be greeted with a warm smile and be explained of our value proposition which includes veterinary, dog training, and other warranty benefits. Once our puppy counselors give you the individualized attention and focus to narrow down the puppies for sale in our store, you will have a chance to heavily interact with the puppy without being pressured to buy a dog that will not be the right fit.

What is the difference in the quality of the puppies at our store and why would you want to adopt a dog from us?

When you are getting a puppy, you want to make sure that the puppy comes from a breeder that home raised it like their own children, and provided the individual attention to breeding in raising it, with the best medical care and nurture that any parents would provide. These are the breeders that Blue Sky Puppies buys from, only the best of the best breeders make the cut to sell to us. In addition, unlike other stores and brokers, the puppies for sale come to us directly by private transportation from the breeder and do not go to intermediate hub points. We don’t believe that a puppy should be kept in a centralized facility by puppy brokers, with thousands of other puppies that will go to many other random stores and locations throughout the country. When you adopt a dog from us, you can rest assured that the puppy has been cared for in the most loving manner possible by responsible breeders

How can I find puppies for sale near me that meet my budget?

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of getting a puppy from Blue Sky Puppies is that we post all of our prices online, including discounts so you can see puppies that still may not have yet found a home and would be a great buy. With very few exceptions, every other puppy store in town will not give you any pricing on the phone let alone freely publish it as Blue Sky Puppies does online. Getting a puppy that meets your budget is easier than ever with us because we believe that you should always know the price of a puppy before you visit a store to adopt a puppy. Our competitors are counting on you and your loved ones to fall in love with a puppy that will be out of your budget and put you in an awkward situation of either walking out, and not getting the puppy that you wanted, or grossly overpaying for a similar puppy in our store. What our competitors do is deliberately not tell you the price of the puppy, when first asked, and will straight up refuse or ignore the request for the price of the puppy you like until you actually play with the puppy and either you or your loved one gets attached. Another underhanded tactic that many stores, especially online puppy sites pull is lowballing you on the base price of the puppy, and then tack on very hefty transportation, health, and other fees that often multiply or triple the price of the puppy. Don’t fall for i! Always make sure you understand the total price of the puppy before you buy. At our store, you will always only pay the price listed online or on the tag in our store, plus sales tax, that’s it!

What are some of the advantages of getting a puppy for emotional support?

Puppies and dogs provide exceptional support for individuals that need the unconditional love and attention of a dog. When you find a puppy from us, your little fur baby will end up learning your patterns of behavior and will even communicate with you with different dog behaviors or sounds, such as cuddling up to you when you feel depressed or licking you when it senses that something is troubling you. In addition, when you shop at our stores, our expertly trained puppy counselors will review with you the puppy breed that would be best fitted to your individual situations. Some individuals and families may have restrictions in their apartment buildings or condos on being able to have dogs in their residence. However, that should not stop you from getting a puppy. When you buy a dog from us, we can refer you to providers that can give you an emotional support letter to give to your landlord or management office and they usually comply once they know that you know there are Federal Housing Administration laws that protect your status.

How will I know how to housebreak the puppies for sale near me?

Puppies are ideal pets because they are easily trained to accommodate our lifestyles. If you are a neat freak or are just concerned about keeping your apartment or home clean of any puppy poop and pee don’t be too concerned. There is a universally repeatable process for you to follow to house break the puppies we get from our dog breeders. Because of the love and care that our dog breeders provide, when you get a dog from us, and if you repeatedly follow a few simple steps that we will explain, you should be well on your way to enjoying your forever pup in the most sanitary condition possible. First you will have to decide after you find a dog if you want it to do its business inside your place or outside. If outside, then you will want to make sure to get a crate that is big enough to kennel the puppy in your home, but not too big that will allow it enough space for it to poop and pee in the kennel. The concept is that if a puppy or dog is kenneled it will hold itself until released because it does not want to get itself dirty! In the beginning you will have to routinely take the puppy outside so it learns that in order to go to the bathroom it will have to go outside. Once a puppy is trained, you don’t have to continue to crate it, because it will definitely remind you it needs to go! For the smaller breeds of puppies, you may want to train it to go on a pee pee pad. In the beginning you will have to hold it over a pee pee pad on a short leash fifteen to twenty minutes after feeding, because that’s when the pup will need to poop. Once the puppy you got is done pooping you have to immediately reward it with a small piece of cheese or other safe puppy treat and jump up and down and generally go crazy that it went on the pad. That is the key step, with repetition the pup will associate the good behavior of peeing and pooping on the pad with your satisfaction and will want to repeat it to please you. So that’s it , when you get a dog from us, we will review this again with you to make sure you are familiar with this concept and puppies for sale through our store always come with training assistance.

What are the various ways to find Dogs for Sale?

There are a few ways to find a puppy for sale, such as buying online or through a store or directly from a breeder. Purchasing a puppy online sight unseen is not something that our store would recommend. Suppose that you narrowed down your puppy breed that would be best and you picked it out online and you didn’t like it or there was no chemistry and you wanted to return it? If the puppy is not sick, no online puppy sales site will allow returns under those conditions. In some states, there are specific warranties that need to be provided, but those only apply if there is a viral or genetic problem with the dog. You are now stuck with a puppy that you don’t like. When you buy a puppy from us, you get to play with it in our large play pens for as long as you like to make sure that you get that special bonding with the puppies for sale that we have in our store. For this reason we strongly do not recommend finding puppies for sale on online websites. Buying directly from breeders have similar issues in that breeders typically are not set up to allow you to interact with puppies for extended amounts of time. Usually puppy breeders are set up to breed and raise puppies but their personal residences are not conducive for the interaction that’s required prior to purchasing a puppy by a consumer. In addition, purchasing a puppy from a breeder will require you to pay with a check or cash, so the protections you get from paying with a credit card or debit card are eliminated, making it difficult for the consumer to have recourse if something goes wrong with the puppy.

How much does a puppy cost?

Depending on where you purchase your puppy, Puppies can cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It’s important to realize that you should not judge the puppy strictly by the price because the ongoing maintenance and care of the puppy will usually exceed the initial cost many times over, especially when you factor in your time commitments. At Blue Sky Puppies we pride ourselves in catering to both the value proposition customers and the inspirational shoppers. For the value proposition customers looking to purchase a puppy, we offer puppies for sale from the top 1% of breeders in the country that are USDA licensed or hobby breeders at the most competitive pricing. For those puppy connoisseurs that are looking for dogs for sale in the classiest and finest atmosphere without the used car salespeople pressure and gimmicks, our puppy stores offer the ideal environment to enjoy your puppy play time in a great smelling and super clean store.

How do I know if the puppies for sale near me are really healthy?

When you shop for a puppy for sale near you, make sure to first verify that the business that is selling you the puppy is licensed and permitted. Unfortunately, many businesses operate without even being legally permitted to sell puppies. When you buy a dog at Blue Sky Puppies, all of our stores have gone through strict screening by the city before we open to ensure that our facility meets all standards for operating a puppy store. In addition, in some counties, we are also obligated to pass additional checks and screening regarding the quality of breeders that we are permitted to sell. Blue Sky Puppies also backs up your purchase with a limited warranty covering viral, bacterial and genetic issues that may arise, please refer to our contract for additional details. Before you leave the store ask questions about the parents, the weights and breeds and what kind of registration paperwork comes with your puppy. If a store cannot provide you with these basic details, you should probably look for a new place to buy your furry friend. It’s important to also look at reviews and read what other individuals and families have to say about the puppies they purchased from the store, but realize that every experience will be unique. The cleanliness and setup of the store can also tip you off as to the quality of the ownership and care and attention they provide to their puppies. You should never feel pressured to buy a dog by the store operators or its staff. When you play with the puppy make sure its gait is normal, there are no nasal discharges or coughs, and if for some reason it defecates in the playpen (it could happen because it gets excited!) the poop is solid and not liquidy. If any of these factors are present, do not buy the dog! Let the staff know that you found a puppy with the concern you have and either look at another puppy, or even better just leave the store! Another consideration in thinking about the puppy breed that would be best is the actual breed itself. Some breeds are known to be extremely healthy, living close to twenty (20) years, and some barely make it to ten (10). Some breeds are more prone to cancers, hip and joint issues, skin problems, dental and respiratory problems. If you are primarily concerned with the longevity, health aspects, including long term veterinary investments, consider staying away from breeds with known health issues.

If I want to buy a puppy as a gift for someone else, what are some of the things I should consider?

The first thing you should always consider is if the receiver of your gift is allergic! The last thing you want to do is to have someone not be able to receive your gift. To minimum this risk consider breeds of puppies that are known to be hypoallergenic. Another consideration is if the individual has the financial means and time to support a new fur member of the family. Puppies require ongoing flea, tick prevention, and regular vet checks and vaccines after purchase, in addition to the obvious food expenses. Another consideration is to think about if the receiver likes big dogs or small dogs? Long hair dogs or short haired dogs? What color puppies would they like. One way to get answers to a lot of these questions is to visit a puppy store to secretly find a dog that the person you want to gift the dog to might like. Try to piece together options for breeds of puppies that are good options to not tip off and spoil the surprise!

What are some special considerations when I want to buy a dog for my child?

When parents want to get a dog or get a puppy for their son or daughters they should first decide if the puppy is meant for general companionship or there are more specific reasons, such as using the dog for emotional support or service dog duties. If there are specific medical reasons to buy a puppy, and especially if it will be trained to be a service dog, then you should definitely identify a service dog training professional in advance to decide on which breeds will be best. Not every breed of dog is suitable to be a service dog. If the puppy will be for emotional support, then the spectrum of options for a puppy breed that would be best is greatly expanded. For the most part, for general companionship many breeds would qualify, but if the children are very young, care should be taken to avoid too small of a breed that may be too fragile, or too large of a breed that may become difficult to manage for the child to interact with. When you visit our puppy store we can assist you with answering many of these questions to find the perfect fit for your family.

I want to adopt a puppy from a shelter, what are some issues with doing that?

Many individuals and families go to shelters to find their fur babies, and while the proposition of getting a low cost or even free dog is appealing, there are many issues with getting shelter dogs. The most obvious problem is that the dogs are not puppies, they are overwhelmingly grown dogs that have not been raised with you and your family at home. Second, most of the times, the age of the breeds of dogs that you would typically find in a shelter are unknown. Many times people give up their dogs because they may run into hard times and not be able to care for their dogs or the dog may have reached end of life or have a terminal illness. If you bring that puppy home you may be saddled with many unexpected veterinary expenses that you did not bargain for, wiping out any gains from getting the “free dog.” Moreover, sometimes dogs are surrendered to shelters because they have severe behavior issues due to abuse or neglect and they may not be able to be rehabilitated easily or without great expense. Purchasing a puppy has upfront costs that shelter dogs do not have, but at least you know you are starting off on the right foot, with a baby that will grow and love you from beginning to end unconditionally and which you have its entire history with a health warranty backing the puppy.

What payment methods do Blue Sky Puppies accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and we also offer select financing plans. To find out more about the financing plan each store location offers, please Apply Here.

Should I worry about genetic testing the puppies for sale that I am serious about?

Like with human genetic testing, there are pros and cons to genetic testing. It may give you early warnings of a possible problem that may be predisposed for your puppy. With this information you can try to arrange a diet and exercise program that may counter the effects of the disease you are trying to prevent your puppy from developing. However, there are several disadvantages to genetic testing. One, none of the tests really guarantee and warrant the accuracy of information. Read the disclaimers carefully, it usually states something to the effect that the information is for educational or entertainment purposes only. Second, the tests cost money and are typically not inexpensive. Even more importantly than the money for the test, the disease may never materialize and you would be worrying about nothing! Puppies and even humans are all predisposed to a certain extent to cancers, heart disease, etc, but its up to us to keep our bodies and that of our puppies healthy by controlling food intake and moving!