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Pomimos are a crossbreed that has a lot of energy and a lot of variety. They come in various colors and can either have patches or a brindle pattern. Colors include red, orange, white, cream, blue, black, tan, sable, and brown. Because they come from two different dog breeds, their looks can vary from one Pomimo to another.

The Pomimo is classified as a Toy, Companion, and Sporting breed. This is a tiny dog breed. Adults are between six and twelve inches tall. They weigh between 9 and 17 pounds. This breed is compact and sturdy. They have foxlike faces and tails that curve back over their bodies.

The average lifespan of this breed is between ten and twelve years, which is slightly less than the average lifespan of small dog breeds (ten to fifteen years).

History of Pomimo's Puppies for Sale

The Pomimo is not a purebred dog. Rather, it is a mix of the American Eskimo and Pomeranian. The exact origin of this mixed breed is unknown. However, there is information about where both of its ancestors came from.

American Eskimos originate from German Spitz breeds. In the early 1900s, immigrants brought various breeds of German Spitz to the United States. However, controversy from World War I led to the breed being renamed the American Eskimo. This breed became popular during this era, and it was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1995.

Pomeranians are also descended from the German Spitz. It is the smallest of the Spitz breeds. It is originally associated with the area of Pomerania, near the Baltic Sea in Germany and Poland. This breed goes back to the mid-1700s. The AKC officially recognized it in 1900.

The AKC does not officially recognize Pomimos. Again, much of their exact origin is unknown. We know that this mixed breed became more popular in the mid-1990s.

Pomimo Puppies for Sale Temperment

Pomimos is quite the affectionate breed, and they are also very patient. They get along well with children and other pets as long as no one is too rough with them. Although they are friendly, they definitely would not be considered a guard dog; they are also a very loyal breed.

This is a very vocal breed that barks at anything it perceives as a threat. It is very territorial and protective of its home and family. However, once introduced to new people or animals, it adjusts well and is quick to make friends. They will alert you to strangers and other dangers they may sense in the environment.

Because they are major people, pleasers, Pomimos are also very easy to train. Like any other dog breed, training for this breed should start in puppyhood. Crate and potty training and basic commands should only take a few weeks for your Pomimo to learn.

Where will the Pomimo Dog to buy feel best?

Pomimos are adaptable to pretty much any social environment you put them in. This extends from the youngest children to older adults. It is good to keep an eye on small children when they are playing with the Pomimo. This breed will not snap at or get irritated with small children. However, they are tiny, and it is possible that little kids can be too rough with them.

On a similar note, while Pomimos get along well with other pets, it is good to monitor interactions between them and larger dogs to start. You need to be sure that your other pets, like your children, are not being too rough with your Pomimo.

Pomimos are also great choices for elderly people that want a manageable yet energetic dog to help keep them active. They are happy going for walks, playing outside for hours, or even snuggling up on the couch.

Just like they are adaptable to various family dynamics, Pomimos are adaptable to a variety of physical living environments as well. From small apartments to large homes with huge backyards, Pomimos will be pleased.

Like with any breed, fenced yards are a good idea. However, it is not essential for Pomimos as they will not stray too far from their people or territory. They are social but wary of strangers, so you are not likely to see them running up to people they see on the street.

The only environmental characteristic that Pomimos are not flexible with is temperature. They do not do well in hot climates. If you live in a hot climate, keep up with grooming and do not leave them outside for too long. Make sure they have a cool environment inside to return to.

Grooming an Pomimo Dog for sale

Because Pomimos come from two different breeds, their coats will differ from one Pomimo to the next. Pomeranians have longer hair, while American Eskimos have a shorter, denser coat. Pomeranians and American Eskimos have a common feature of a thick double coat. Pomimos inherit this, and their coats are typically medium length and very dense. Their fur can be described as straight, though it borders on wiry.

This breed sheds a lot, so you can expect to have to groom them at least weekly. Brushing frequency also depends on which breed the Pomimo takes after more. Longer hair requires more frequent brushing.

You can use a pin or wire brush to groom your Pomimo. Once you use the pin or wire brush to remove loose hair and debris from the top layer, you can use the undercoat rake. This removes loose hair from the undercoat to prevent shedding around your home.

One thing you should never do to double coated dogs is shaved them. Shaving them prevents the Pomimo from being able to self-regulate their body temperature. Many owners believe that this is helpful in keeping them cool over the summer, but the opposite effect is actually what happens. The double coat helps keep them cool during the summer and warm during the winter by insulating them from the surrounding climate.

It is a good idea to take your Pomimo to a professional groomer every once in a while. This does not replace the weekly brushing you will give them, but it will certainly help with their coat's overall appearance and comfort.

Groomers shampoo a double-coated dog, such as a Pomimo, using a specially formulated deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Once that has been washed away, they will finish with a conditioning spray. This makes brushing easier. You can also use these products at home. Do not ever use human products on your Pomimo.

During the spring, Pomimos shed more. So, you will need to increase the brushing frequency from once a week to two to three times a week. In addition, you can also use a blow dryer every so often to blow out any loose hair. Always brush them after this to prevent knots and matting, though.

In addition to their fur, grooming also means caring for nails and ears. Pomimos are active, so their nails will naturally file down with the more time they spend outside playing. However, you should still trim them to ensure they do not curl. Ask a professional groomer or veterinarian for advice if you are unsure how far down to trim your Pomimo's nails.

For their ears, you need to use a soft cloth or cotton ball to gently wipe away wax and debris from the outer edges of the ear. Do not push down into the ear canal as this may cause infection or hearing loss if you push debris too far. You should not have to do this frequently but pay attention to your Pomimo's ears to see how often they need to be cleaned.

Exercising an Pomimo Dog to Buy

Pomimos are an extremely active breed. They are adaptable to various lifestyles, but you should be prepared to give them at least an hour of daily exercise. Ideally, they should get 60 minutes of exercise per day and 12 miles of recreational walking per week. They prefer to exercise at mid-day.

Their energy level is extremely high compared to other breeds, likely because of their ancestors being sporting breeds. They are built for athletic competition, so they are constantly used to being on the go.

Some of the Pomimo's favorite activities are playing with children, balls, and frisbees. They love chasing after kids and toys. They also require mental stimulation, so toys with built-in obstacles are always a plus. For example, numerous toys are available with compartments to hide treats inside of them. Pomimos are highly food motivated, so these toys are a double plus.

Exercise in hot weather is a no-go. Pomimos do not tolerate heat well. In the summer months, keep the exercise inside. You can gently wrestle with them inside the home or let them chase you between rooms. If you take them for walks during the summer, bring a portable water dish to keep them cool.

Exercise is essential for the Pomimo's physical health, but it is also necessary for their mental health. They become stressed easily if they do not receive proper exercise and mental stimulation. This stress can be exhibited in many ways, but it is most often seen coming out in the form of destructive behavior. Without proper exercise and mental stimulation, your Pomimo is at risk of destroying furniture and various objects within your home. Chew toys are useful to curb this behavior when they need to remain indoors more often due to the weather.

Trips to the local dog park are also a great choice for exercise. This provides physical exercise and the mental and social stimulation of being able to interact with new friends.

Nutrition for an Pomimo Dog to Purchase

Protein is very important for energetic dogs such as the Pomimo. Look at your dog's food ingredients to ensure that it includes pure proteins and not lower quality options such as fish meal or chicken meal.

In addition, your dog's diet should be tailored to their size. High-quality dog food companies develop foods specifically made for small, medium, or large breeds. Make sure to get a small breed dog food for your Pomimo. The type of food you select should also be tailored to their age. Puppies and adolescents have different nutritional needs than adults do. For example, puppy diets typically require higher protein content to help them grow and stay healthy.

For Pomimos, you should consider a diet mixed with both wet and dry food. Regardless of which type of food you select, always get food with high protein content and low calories. The ideal calorie content is about 350 or a little less per day. Carbohydrates are okay, but they should not be the bulk of what you give your Pomimo.

Pomimos should get about one cup of food per day. Puppies need smaller meals more frequently throughout their day. Four or five small meals per day is usually a good first step. Adults should receive one cup of food split up among two or three meals per day. Typically, they will reach this feeding schedule by about six months old. They can be switched to adult dog food around one year old. You should consult with your veterinarian for more specific information on this, though.

Water is very important for Pomimos since they are active and temperature-sensitive. They should always have a fresh supply of cool water available indoors and outdoors. Again, if you take them for walks in the heat, bring water and a portable dish.

Dogs with thicker coats like this tend to bring a good amount of dirt and debris to their water. Pay attention to their bowl and change the water as needed. You should give them fresh water at least once per day. Use metal food and water dishes rather than plastic since plastic dishes can excrete chemicals into the food and water.

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