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A Cavapoo is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. These dogs are playful and energetic, combining the best parts of two great breeds. Cavapoos are sometimes referred to as Cavadoodles or Cavoodles. They typically stand around nine to 14 inches and weigh anywhere from nine to 25 pounds. You can expect your Cavapoo to live for 12 to 15 years, making them great long-term companions. 

Cavapoos are designer dogs that have been around for the past few decades. They are intelligent, affectionate, and devoted to their owners. They are highly trainable, but you will want to start training them as soon as you adopt one. Cavapoos size and personality allow them to blend into just about any environment, but we prefer having them in a house with a yard rather than an apartment. This gives them plenty of room to run around and play, and you can be less concerned with barking disturbing your neighbors. 

Developing a grooming routine early on for your Cavapoo is essential. Grooming will consist of brushing, bathing, pedicures, checking ears and eyes, and brushing teeth. They are hypoallergenic dogs which make them great for people with allergies, but since they do not shed, they are more likely to develop tangles or knots in their fur. Brushing and bathing regularly will prevent any matting. For a small breed, they have much energy and will love to join you on walks and play with you in the yard. They are a highly social breed, so exercise is much more fun when you do it together. As for nutrition, you will want to feed your Cavapoo a high-quality dry dog food designed for smaller breeds. Look out for whole meats and no byproducts or fillers – only the best for your new best friend. 

All in all, we think the Cavapoo is an excellent addition to just about any family. They can thrive in any setting and will love you for years to come. Read on to find out more about how to take care of your Cavapoo and find out why they are one of our favorite mixed breeds. 

History of Cavapoo's Puppies for Sale

Cavapoos rose to fame around the same time as many other designer dog breeds in the 1990s. Breeders were aiming for a small, hypoallergenic dog that inherited the demeanor of King Charles Spaniel and the intelligence of the Poodle. Breeders in Australia were the first to mix these two purebred breeds, but the Cavapoo has quickly become popular worldwide.  

Poodle mixes have become increasingly popular as the demand for gentle and hypoallergenic dogs increases. Most Cavapoos you see today are F1 Cavapoos, meaning they are the first generation offspring, rather than the product of mating two Cavapoos. Poodles can be crossed with other dog breeds depending on the desired size and demeanor of the offspring. Many celebrities are known to own and love their Cavapoos, including Katy Perry and Kelly Brook. 

Cavapoos have been used as both therapy dogs and emotional support animals. Their size and demeanor make them an excellent choice for people struggling with psychiatric disorders like PTSD, depression, or anxiety. 

Cavapoo Puppies for Sale Temperment

We think Cavapoos are a good breed for first-time dog owners and make an excellent present for any child who wants a dog. Cavapoos are pretty sensitive dogs and do well with positive reinforcement. These dogs will not make good guard dogs as they want to make anyone their best friend. Cavapoos are great with other dogs in the household and will even befriend any cats you may have. Early socialization is always important for long-term success, so make sure you introduce your furry friends to each other quickly after you adopt. Barking can sometimes occur with Cavapoos, so it is important to quickly train them out of this behavior. 

Cavapoos are eager to please, which makes them highly trainable. You will want to start your training regimen as soon as you bring them home. As with most dogs, you will want to start with basic commands like "come," "stay," and "sit." Once they have mastered these commands, you will move on to more complex commands. We also recommend teaching commands like "quiet" or "no speak" if you particularly have chatty Cavapoo. Always avoid shouting or forms of punishment during training, as this will hurt the bond between you and your Cavapoo. They respond much better to positive reinforcement. 

Potty training will likely be quite simple with your Cavapoo, but we recommend crate training to aid in your efforts. Dogs typically want to keep their environments clean, so they will not go to the bathroom in a crate. When they alert you that they need to go out, reward them with a treat and positive reinforcement, and they will catch on quickly. Crates are also helpful in alleviating separation anxiety and providing a safe and comfortable space for your Cavapoo if you are out of the house.  

Where will the Cavapoo Dog to buy feel best?

Cavapoos make a fantastic family pet and thrive in large group settings. Cavapoos are a highly social breed, making them even better for larger families. They can generally adapt to apartment settings, but we recommend having a backyard for them to run around during playtime. Cavapoos suffer from separation anxiety, so they are great for working from home. Cavapoos should be strictly indoor pets and never be left alone outside. 

You will notice that your Cavapoo will love to play in the snow. Their coat allows them to tolerate colder weather, but always be careful when outdoors below freezing. Cavapoos do not do quite as well in warmer environments and will need access to shade and water when going on walks during the summer months. 

Although Cavapoos are very friendly and enjoy being part of the family, make sure to supervise interactions between your Cavapoo and young children. Due to their size, they can easily get injured, so teach your children how to play with your Cavapoo safely. 

Grooming an Cavapoo Dog for sale

You will notice that Cavapoos have short, curly coats. They can come in various colors, any of which they can inherit from either of their parents. Their grooming routine is not super strenuous, but you will want to develop a plan after getting them quickly. Shedding and drooling are at a minimum with Cavapoos. 

You will want to brush your Cavapoo once every two to three days. We recommend using a double-sided pin and bristle brush because it is nice not to keep up with multiple brushes and combs. You can use the pin side to get out any tangles and loose hair, incredibly close to the skin. Use the bristle side to smooth out the coat for a polished look. Never brush dry hair; we recommend using a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner before brushing. This helps to not tug on the hair as you are brushing. 

Depending on their activity level, you will need to bathe your Cavapoo around once a month. If your dog has long hair, you might need to bathe them a bit more often: around once every two weeks. It is helpful to brush your Cavapoo before and after bathtime. Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and be sure to rinse them off before drying thoroughly. 

As with all dogs, make sure to check inside their ears for any buildup or debris and carefully remove it if you see anything to prevent infection. You will want to clip your Cavapoos nails every month or so or whenever you start to hear them on hard floors. We recommend brushing your Cavapoos teeth daily, or at least every two to three days. Smaller dogs are especially prone to gum disease and tooth decay or tooth loss, so proper dental hygiene is a must. Cavapoos are prone to watery eyes, so be sure to check them regularly. They tend to stain a brownish color on the hair around the eyes and can end up blocking vision, so use a damp cloth or a tissue to wipe away the tears. You can also purchase cleansing wipes that help with staining. 

You can certainly trim your Cavapoo at home, but we recommend taking them to the groomer to get a haircut. Take them every six to eight weeks to get professionally groomed to keep them looking pristine. They will often clean your Cavapoos ears teeth and clip their nails during their haircut, which helps take a load off you. 

Exercising an Cavapoo Dog to Buy

Cavapoo puppies need much less exercise than adult Cavapoo. For a smaller breed, Cavapoos still need a fair amount of activity. We recommend at least 40 minutes of exercise spread throughout the day. Cavapoos make great walking partners and will also love to play with you in the backyard or at the park. You can aim to walk around a mile a day with your Cavapoo. However, the amount of time and distance your pup can walk will depend on their age and health. Be careful when exercising young puppies, as too much strenuous exercise can result in bone and joint issues. 

Cavapoos are an intelligent breed, so mix up the types of exercise you do with them to stimulate their minds. You can work on agility and obedience training, scent work, and basic games like fetch and tug of war. Get toys that require intelligence to receive a treat or even puppy puzzles indoors. Exercise does not only have to be outside and be sure to count all the games and playtime in their daily allotment. 

Cavapoos love to cuddle and make great lap dogs at the end of the day. Sure, they have a bit of energy that will need to be worked out of them every day to keep them healthy and happy, but they are most content cuddled up on the couch with you. They were bred to be companions, and they do a fantastic job. 

Nutrition for an Cavapoo Dog to Purchase

You will want to feed your Cavapoo a high-quality dry dog food designed for small to medium breeds. We recommend dry kibble because it helps promote healthy teeth and gums. As with all dogs, you will want to look for a few different things when picking out the best dry food. 

The number of calories your Cavapoo will need daily will depend on their age and activity level. An older lap dog will certainly need fewer calories than a hyperactive puppy. Bloating and obesity are common in smaller breeds, so we recommend splitting their daily allowance of food into two or three separate meals, rather than one big meal all at once. Bloat is when dogs overeat too quickly and can be life-threatening. Feeding smaller meals throughout the day not only keeps them fuller for longer but helps keep them healthy and the proper weight. 

When comparing the different brands of dry food for your Cavapoo, look out for whole meats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and fatty acids like Omega 3's. Stay away from meat byproducts and opt for entire meats like chicken or fish. Fruits and veggies provide lots of fiber and vitamins to promote shiny hair and a healthy gut. Some owners opt for a grain-free diet, but we recommend incorporating whole grains unless your dog is allergic. Fat is crucial in a dog's diet, and a good rule of thumb is to have at least 8% fat in your dog's food. Puppies will need as high as 22% protein, while adults can get away with 18% protein.  

If you decide to use treats throughout the training process or day to day, do so sparingly. Treats are often very high in calories, quickly leading to obesity. Always consult with your veterinarian when changing your Cavapoos diet or if you have any concerns. 

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