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Teddy Bear F2 puppy
for sale in Orlando
born 2/7/2023, Tri

Beautiful Tri Male Teddy Bear F2 puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 02257480
$3,995 $1,495
Teddy Bear F2
Birth Date:
Hybrid - Unregistered
Current weight:
Approx. 6 lbs
Mom breed:
Teddy Bear
Mom weight:
Approx. 12 lbs
Dad breed:
Teddy Bear
Dad weight:
Approx. 14 lbs
Teddy Bear F2
Coat length
Grooming difficulty
Shedding intensivity
Barking frequency
Ability to learn
Need for exercise

Learn More about Teddy Bear F2 Puppies for Sale

The easy to love Teddy Bear F2 dog, otherwise known as a Shichon or Zuchon, is a mix between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise. These dogs are often described as affectionate, intelligent, and outgoing. An F2 Teddy Bear dog is a Zuchon bred with a Zuchon. They are considered a designer toy breed and come in at a small nine to 12 inches in height and nine to 15 pounds in weight. They have a lifespan of 15 to 18 years, which makes them great longtime companions. Teddy Bear F2 dogs are normally cream, silver, black, white, or brown. 

 The Teddy Bear F2 is relatively easy to take care of, making it a great dog for elderly persons or use as a therapy dog. Zuchon F2s are actually one of the newest toy breeds to be created. Their calm and cool demeanor shines through as they are giving love to everyone they meet. These Teddy Bear F2s can blend into just about any environment, as long as they are the center of attention. They have a lot of love to give and do not like to be left alone. Grooming is a breeze for these small dogs. Apart from daily brushing fur and teeth, you will not have to worry about hair all around the house or frequent baths. 

Although they have a lot of energy, they are perfectly happy being a lapdog and will not beg you to go outside every few minutes. However, they do have a smaller bladder than larger breeds, so make sure they have access to a bathroom to avoid infection or accidents inside the house. Shichons love to play and are very smart, so make sure to have a variety of toys for them both inside and outside. Feed them a high quality dry food to promote gum health and prevent any health issues down the line. If you want to incorporate wet food as a special treat, do so sparingly. Although generally healthy, make sure to have a great relationship with your vet so your Teddy Bear F2 can bring you joy for as long as possible. 

This Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix is quickly becoming one of the most popular designer toy dog breeds out there, and you’re about to find out why.

History of Teddy Bear F2's Puppies for Sale

Breeders started intentionally mixing Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise in the 1990’s as designer dog breeds were gaining in popularity. They wanted the size of the Shih Tzu and the temperament of the Bichon Frise. They are also designed to eliminate the majority of dander. Since they are hypoallergenic and absolutely adorable, demand for these Teddy Bear F2 dogs rapidly increased. Teddy Bear F2 dogs are now on the way to becoming a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club after a few more generations. On average, their litter yields four to five puppies. The main benefit to breeding a Zuchon with a Zuchon and creating a second-generation mix is the ability to control the desired traits. This will help make them a recognized purebred breed when traits and standards can be determined.  

Their use as therapy dogs has increased throughout the last decade. Their size makes them a great option for children that need therapy or emotional support animals. Calm and well-mannered, Zuchon F2s provide the comfort of a Teddy Bear F2. They are known to be quite intuitive and can understand human behavior and emotions, which is unique for a breed of this size.

Teddy Bear F2 Puppies for Sale Temperment

Zuchon F2s are known to be happy, gentle little dogs. They have a great temperament for a small breed. Although they are high energy, they remain quite calm, and are perfectly happy cuddled up next to their owner all day. 

 Teddy Bear F2 dogs are pretty easy to train. They are highly intelligent and don’t normally have a tendency to chew or bark. If you do notice these behaviors, be sure to train against them while they are puppies. Shichons are prone to separation anxiety, so we recommend crate training to provide a safe and secure environment for when you need to leave the house. 

 Commonly, the main difficulties with training are with house training. It is important to start while they are a little Teddy Bear F2 puppy, and crate training can help with this. Shichons are overall eager to please, but they can be a bit stubborn. Reinforce positive behaviors with treats and rewards, and discourage negative behaviors with a stern “no.” Do your best to safely socialize them with children and other dogs from a young age so they remain calm and friendly as they get older. 

 Shichons are excellent watchdogs that will alert you if something is amiss. They have a fierce loyalty to their owners and sometimes forget that they are so small. However, you won’t have to worry about any yapping that is common with other small breeds.

Where will the Teddy Bear F2 Dog to buy feel best?

Shichons can thrive in apartment settings and are generally quite adaptable. These small dogs are great for first time dog owners that want an easy to train, intelligent, and loving dog. Teddy Bear F2 dogs do much better with positive affirmations rather than negative enforcement of commands. They are highly sensitive and would do better in a household that isn’t very chaotic or loud. Shichons love spending time with their owners and should generally not be left alone for more than a couple of hours at a time. When you do need to leave the house, we recommend a 24 inch dog crate. Your Zuchon F2 won’t feel cramped but will feel comfy and cozy. 

 Teddy Bear F2 dogs don’t have the thick coat of real Teddy Bear F2s, so you will want to get them a jacket for any cold walks so they don’t get sick. There are not many jackets designed specifically for Zuchon F2s yet, so we recommend buying ones made for Shih Tzus. They are roughly the same size and will provide lots of warmth on those cold winter mornings. They also don’t do well in extremely warm temperatures, so make sure they always have access to water and a cool environment to wind down after playtime. 

 Shichons are very friendly dogs and will do excellent as a lovable family pet. They will be affectionate to young kids and grandparents alike. They generally do well around other dogs, but be careful when introducing them to larger dogs. Because of their size, they can’t play quite as rough as larger breeds. This goes for children in the household too. Supervise interactions between young children and your Teddy Bear F2. Even the smallest drop can hurt their joints or bones. 

They are not aggressive and don’t have their defenses up when meeting strangers. Everyone can be their best friend. They also do pretty well with cats in the household, as they lack any hunting instinct that would make your cat feel threatened.

Grooming an Teddy Bear F2 Dog for sale

You won’t have to worry about shedding or drooling with Shichons. These hypoallergenic dogs are great for people with allergies. Their coats are medium in length and are normally wavy or curly. Their eyes are known to be big like a Teddy Bear F2 and can be anything from hazel to dark brown. 

 Their grooming routine is relatively low maintenance. Because they don’t shed, you’ll need to brush them daily to avoid any mats. We recommend also brushing their teeth daily to avoid issues with their gums or tooth loss, as is common in smaller breeds. You’ll only need to bathe them about once a month. If you bathe more frequently, you risk drying out their skin. Take them to the groomer for a haircut whenever you notice hair getting in the way of their eyes, mouth, or nostrils. This can be irritating for them and can get messy at mealtime. Their Teddy Bear F2 look is so iconic that you will likely be getting them trimmed before this becomes an issue. 

We recommend using a comb with wide teeth and a slicker brush, which is a brush that has fine, short wires close together on a flat surface. The slicker brush will reach their undercoat and remove any hair and prevent tangles. Follow through with a wide tooth comb to get the fluffy Teddy Bear F2 look we know and love. For bathing, we recommend starting out with a sensitive skin dog shampoo followed by a sensitive skin dog conditioner. Be extra careful around the ears. You don’t want to get any water in the ear canal, which can lead to an ear infection. How often you clip their nails is dependent on the amount and type of exercise that they get. We recommend a pedicure around once a month, or definitely when you start to hear them on hard surfaces. This can be stressful for adult dogs that have not been exposed to nail clippers before, so start their full grooming routine as a young Teddy Bear F2 puppy.

Exercising an Teddy Bear F2 Dog to Buy

Teddy Bear F2 dogs are high-energy, so you will want to have some playtime and exercise throughout the day. It doesn’t need to be anything intense, but it does need to be fun. Play fetch and have other toys around the house and take your Shichon on a 30-minute walk every day. Your Teddy Bear F2 might even like to swim, so take them with you on your next vacation or pool day. Always keep an eye on them and take them out of the water immediately if they appear in distress. 

Any toy recommended for Shih Tzus or Bichon Frises will be well-loved by your mix. We particularly love to chew toys that are designed for smaller mouths, squeaking toys to keep them entertained while you’re running errands, and interactive toys to engage their minds. Do not over-exercise your Shichon, especially when they are puppies. Over-exertion can lead to joint damage or breathing issues. Take cues from your puppy to know when they are ready to go inside. Heavy panting, frequently starting and stopping, or general sluggishness means they are ready for couch time.  

Be careful when they are playing outside, as their size can make them easy targets for large birds looking for prey or other dogs that are too rough. They can also easily slip through fences in the backyard, so always keep an eye on them.

Nutrition for an Teddy Bear F2 Dog to Purchase

We recommend feeding your Zuchon F2 a high quality dry food that is made specifically for small, active breeds. Due to their size, they can be prone to obesity, so make sure you are feeding them the correct amount based on their weight and age. Include whole proteins such as chicken, beef, or lamb, and make sure there are plenty of fatty acids to promote a shiny, healthy coat. 

 The amount of calories your Shichon needs directly relates to their activity level. If your puppy loves to play and run around outside, they will need more food than an older dog that lounges around the house all day. When you’re giving your Teddy Bear F2 all the nutrients they need, they look better, smell better, and feel better. Discuss your dietary plan with your vet to ensure they are getting everything they need. As a rule of thumb, we recommend about one and a half cups of dry food daily, spread out over three to four different meals. When you spread out their daily intake, they stay full for longer and you don’t have to worry about things like bloat, which can be very dangerous in dogs.

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