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Boxer puppy
adopted in Orlando
born 5/22/2022, Black

Beautiful Black Male Boxer puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 01250158
Beautiful Black Male Boxer puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 01250158
Beautiful Black Male Boxer puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 01250158
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Learn More about Boxer Puppies for Sale

Boxers are medium to large dog from Germany. They are described as bright, fun-loving, and active. On average, Boxers range from 21 to 25 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. 

 Identifiable by their short hair, square jaw, and strong bodies, Boxers have been one of the most loved pets throughout America for some time. Boxers can come in a variety of colors from white to brown. 

History of Boxer's Puppies for Sale

Boxers can be traced back to 1895 in Munich, Germany. They are descendents of an extinct breed, the bullenbeisser, crossed with mastiff and bulldog. A Boxer Club was formed in 1895 that set the guidelines for future breeding, many of which are still used today. Boxers were officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1904 and quickly grew in popularity throughout the 20th century. Boxers were one of the first breeds to be used as police dog in Germany. 

 Boxers were originally bred to be a hunting dog. They were designed to be brave, strong, and agile. They served in both World Wars as messenger dogs, but quickly turned into the household companion that we know and love today. 

Boxer Puppies for Sale Temperment

Boxers are a loyal, high-energy, and affectionate breed. They are fearless and make a great watchdog while remaining friendly. They like to stay busy. You won’t have to worry about barking unless the Boxer is trying to alert you to something. 

 Without proper exercise, Boxers can get aggressive, so we recommend having lots of playtime throughout the day. You will want to start training your Boxer puppy as soon as you get them. Get them used to grooming other people and animals starting at 8 weeks. Boxers take quickly to potty training and will catch onto basic commands easily.

Where will the Boxer Dog to buy feel best?

Boxers are a great family dog and do well with young children. They are very versatile and adaptable, meaning that they can fit into any environment. Boxers tend to be patient with children. Since Boxers are a brachycephalic breed with a short coat, they are sensitive to extreme weather. Keep them well hydrated and be careful of long walks in the heat or colder temperatures. 

Boxers have a strong need for companionship and will turn destructive if their needs are not met. They are generally good with cats in the household as long as proper socialization methods are taken. Without these, Boxers can see cats as prey and will start chasing them. On the other hand, make sure your cat doesn’t get too rough with your Boxer puppy, as corneal lacerations can happen.

Grooming an Boxer Dog for sale

Boxers’ smooth, short coats have a relatively easy grooming routine. You’ll want to brush your Boxer once a week with a rubber curry brush. You will need to bathe them once every few months, or whenever they get dirty. Make sure to not bathe them more frequently than once every two weeks, as this can irritate their skin. 

 You also don’t have to worry about shedding much with these dogs. They have a high tendency to drool and a medium tendency to snore. Clip their nails whenever they start to get long and wipe down their ears to remove any dirt. Boxers are a low maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. 

Exercising an Boxer Dog to Buy

Boxers are a high-energy breed, so you’ll want to spend at least an hour a day walking or exercising them. Boxers are prone to bloating, so avoid exercise right before or right after they eat to prevent any energy. They are a smart breed and will enjoy fetch and other games that engage their minds. 

 Boxers love to run at full speed, so be sure to have a big backyard or access to a park where they can zoom around. Boxers are brachycephalic dog which means their airway is partially obstructed, so take cues from your dog to prevent overexertion.

Nutrition for an Boxer Dog to Purchase

Boxers have a lot of muscle and need a lot of protein to stay healthy. We recommend food with at least 18% protein, but the more the better. Boxer puppies will need even more protein than adults. You’ll want to look for food that is all-natural, includes healthy grains like rice, oatmeal, or quinoa, and contains real meats, veggies, and fruits. We recommend food that was made in the United States to ensure proper quality. 

 Avoid any dog food with synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring or flavor enhancers, fillers, or by-products. Every dog is different, so you might need to try a few different foods before you land on the one that works best for you and your Boxer. 

 Proper nutrition can help prevent certain diseases that Boxers are prone to, like obesity, dental disease, heart disease, and bloating, among others.

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