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Boston Terrier puppy
adopted in Orlando
born 1/30/2023, Red/White

Beautiful Red/White Male Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 06895075
Beautiful Red/White Male Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 06895075
Beautiful Red/White Male Boston Terrier puppy for sale in Orlando, ID 06895075
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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
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Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier
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Learn More about Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale

These black and white charmers are great for families and homes of any size. Boston Terriers are highly intelligent and one of the most well-mannered dog breeds.

Their huge eyes, perky ears, and compact body make them undeniably adorable. Friendly and energetic these puppies will make lively companion dogs that are a good fit for almost any family looking to add a loving dog to the mix.  

Even apartment dwellers can have a Boston. They'll rarely leave their owner's side. While they're small in size, they are fiercely loyal and need love and affection pretty much non-stop. They're fun and active but committed to being lapdogs, pleased to take long snoozes with their people or other pets any time the opportunity presents itself. They can bark if they sense danger, but they only bark when needed and are not happy dogs.

 oston Terriers are quick learners and people pleasers. So they do well with obedience training and sports such as flyball and mastering agility courses. They are known to have a slight stubborn streak, but it's all worth it when they are learning adorable tricks to add to their natural antics.

A Boston makes a good pet for a child ready for a playmate or a companion for older folks looking for a calm, polite dog. This breed craves attention. People looking to add a dog that's truly a member of the family will be thrilled with one (or two) of these sweet, charming pups. Without your time and affection, the little dog will become miserable.

Boston Terriers make good pets for inexperienced dog owners who want to buy the first dog to shower with fun and affection. These sweethearts come with a natural gift for comedy. They're naturally calm and take to training very quickly.

History of Boston Terrier's Puppies for Sale

The American Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized the Boston Terrier as a breed in 1893. Named after its city of origin—Boston, Massachusetts—the Boston Terrier is an all-American breed. You'd never know it by their calm and affectionate personalities, but they were initially bred to fight, as in dogfighting in pits. Thankfully that is a closed chapter in history now.

Employees of wealthy gentlemen in England created the breed by mating English Bulldogs with the (now extinct) white English Terrier. Those bulldog-terrier dogs came to America in 1870, brought by Robert C. Hooper. Hooper bred the imported dogs with the French Bulldog, and the official Boston Terrier was born. That wasn't originally the breed name.

In the late 1800's they were known as American Bull Terriers or round heads. Bull Terrier doesn't last because there was already a Bull Terrier breed with a much longer face. Even though they're called Boston Terriers, technically, they're not classified as terriers according to the AKC.

Sometimes people confuse Bostons with French Bulldogs ("Frenchies"). They look alike, but Boston Terriers have pointed ears, and French Bulldogs have rounded ones.

Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale Temperment

Boston Terriers have an excellent temperament, very friendly and affectionate. This makes them a good choice for any age group, plus these puppies get along with children and other dogs. True terrier breeds are big excitable, even hyperactive, and yappy. This makes sense; remember, they are not in the Terrier family despite their name. Not the Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier enthusiasts insist two are better than one. Because they're companion dogs, they can get very lonely and sad if left alone for long stretches, such as when kids are in school and adults are at work. This intelligent little entertainer always looks ready for the main stage in its dapper little Boston Terrier black and white tuxedo! They're kind of like having a comedian in the house! They can switch from a calm, relaxed demeanor to lively bursts of funny antics in no time.

If ever you need a smile, Boston will give you one. Bostons rarely bark without a purpose. They have a loud bark when they decide to use it, and even though they're tiny, they're also mighty and considered excellent guard dogs. They're very protective of their families and loyal to all members.

They have an entertaining range of funny noises back on the comedy front, from their notoriously loud snoring to "backward" sneezes, screaming, howling, and squeaking. They are snuggle-bugs who love regular cuddle sessions. They are natural burrowers, and if they're not secure in your arms, they'll likely burrow and squeeze into a small space that feels like a protected den.

Boston Terriers live to make their owners happy. They have a cute look when they are feeling guilty. And even if they don't know what happened, if your dog senses you're not satisfied, they may look guilty even if they're not the reason for your upset. It's either that or you haven't figured what mischief they got into yet.

Where will the Boston Terrier Dog to buy feel best?

Boston Terriers are happy to be with you. Whether a long walk or a snuggle on the couch, that's their favorite place to be. Bostons are happy to get most of their exercise on lead. If you have a secure fenced-in backyard, that's a bonus for this breed. If you live in a city, large or small, the Boston Terrier is an excellent choice. (They are named after a big American city, after all)

Bostons are sturdy little dogs, straightforward to carry around, and love being with their people. A walk in the park, a romping visit to the local dog park, or an adventure to the corner cafe are excellent choices. They have short coats and smoosh-faces, so they don't tolerate either heat or cold very well.

They'll need sweaters or doggy coats during the colder months, which is a big plus because they look so fancy and adorable in their sweaters, hats, even booties. Bostons are indoor dogs. They cannot be kept outside other than to potty or take a walk or for training or play session and always with one of their humans.

Boston Terriers can overheat very quickly. Their very short snouts and small airways mean they can't regulate their body temp very well. All of that makes it harder for them to release heat when they pant the only way a dog can release heat.

Grooming an Boston Terrier Dog for sale

Keeping up with grooming on a Boston Terrier is a breeze. Their smooth short coats do not shed much, and they're all-around low-maintenance pets. Generally, they can go for four to six weeks between baths.

If the dog smells terrible, a bath to remove any dirt and dampness may be the solution. If that doesn't work, you may need the vet to give your pup a once-over to check for yeast, tooth, or ear infection.

Their black and white coats only need an excellent brushing about once a week. Whether with a soft-bristle brush or a grooming mitt, they'll enjoy the attention and extra pets!

Their nails will need a trim every month or two. If you're not sure whether they're due for a trim, if you can hear their nails clicking and clacking on the floor when they walk, they are past due, and every few weeks, give your Bostons ears a gentle clean.

A lot of Boston Terriers look like they are grinning happily at you. You do need to take care of their pearly whites. Teeth need to be cleaned more often than other grooming tasks because Bostons are vulnerable to dental issues. Two to three times a week, use a baby toothbrush or soft washcloth to apply special dog toothpaste on and around all the teeth.

Exercising an Boston Terrier Dog to Buy

They have a lot of natural energy. They have the brains and desire to learn what you want, so that obedience training can be a good exercise. They also enjoy a good game of fetch or an agility course to get that tongue lolling. They have a slight stubborn streak, but they're mostly going to give in to make you happy. Bostons have a compact little body, and most are big exercise fans. Their favorite will be anything with the family. Whether a few romps around the yard with the kids or a friendly game of Frisbee catch, they'll be in heaven. Most enjoy swimming, they can't do very long distances, but generally, your Boston will be able to doggie paddle about the length of a swimming pool and back.

Nutrition for an Boston Terrier Dog to Purchase

Since Boston Terriers are small, they don't need much food, but it's best to split it between breakfast and dinner meals. Also, visit your vet to be sure you're providing breed-appropriate food.  

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